Order of settings in Lovelace Fan Control Entity Row

First off, huge thank you to @finity for this awesome set of buttons.

In the web app the order of the settings are Low, Med, High, Off.
In the HA iOS app, the order is High, Med, Low, Off.

Is this something I did, or is it buried deeper in the code somewhere?

I just upgraded from 113.1 to 114.2 and now the order in web app is H, M, L, O.
I’m guessing the difference was just because the app got updated faster than the server.
Thus, I’m guessing this isn’t a problem, just a change. So, never mind.

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Yeah that was a “breaking change” (not really but just a change in appearance but let’s call it that…).

I wanted to get all of the buttons to look similar on the page.