Orein Matter bulbs

I recently bought some matter bulbs from Amazon branded as Orein and has a native app AiDot. I can get it to work the way i want by setting up the bulbs in the AiDot interface and also add them as matter bulbs in HA.

The AiDot app allows me to set the bulbs up with the power off state allowing the bulbs to return to its previous state (for reference: in the app, as of right now it isn’t very intuitive that after a power cycle if you choose to power “off” the bulb it returns to the previous state, which is what i want. It does not turn the bulb off regardless of the previous state which it appearss to indicate).

The HA template doesn’t have the power state option for this bulb when added. I know this is an option for the zigbee bulbs i use, is there a way I have that capabilityfir these matter bulbs in HA? Can i use a different template for these bulbs or just continue to use two apps?

I just bought a Orein Lamp fot outside wall mointing.
I get it connected to the AiDot Andriod App and can see its IP address.
But I’m unable to connect it to the matter integration in HA .
I tried both cases, while connected to the Adroid app and also after deletion in the app.
I neither got a QR Code nor a 11 / 21 digit pairing code which the matter integration asks for.
How did you manage to integrate the Orein device into matter integration?

Mine had the qr code. If its matter, it has to have it right?

If its like this one, matter isn’t listed. It looks like it a wifi only unit. Maybe tuya?

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Yes, I think it was my mistake.
I assumed, that all Orein Lamps, which can be controlled via AiDot App (controllable via Bluetooth and Wifi) are Matter ready.
But it seems, this is the case for the bulbs only, but not for my outside wall mountabe lamp.

Resurrecting this threat! Just bought a couple of these (they don’t do a Matter version) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0BB1KHTF7?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1 and struggling to find a way to integrate with Home Assistant. No join with Tuya (SmartLife).

Any ideas? Only seems to be found via AiDot. I note the unit does put out its on wifi SSID.


Sorry, I would be very happy, if there is a way (which I did not find) to control these lamp by home assistant.
It can be controlled by Alexa and Google home after all.
I do not see the IP adress of the lamp in my router…