Organization member workflow

Thanks for inviting me to the home-assistant GH organization. I’m wondering if there is any documentation or standardized processes in place for organization member workflow wrt committing, pushing, and pull request approvals (self and others’)? I took a quick look at, the developer site, here, and skimmed through some commit logs but couldn’t find a definitive answer.

Specifically, for one’s own changes, I’m wondering if all changes are expected to go through pull requests, or if there are some types of changes that can or should be pushed directly without a PR.

Additionally, for things that one submits as PR’s, are there any rules or practices for “timeouts” in cases if there are no comments or approvals from other project members, so that it would be considered ok to just go ahead and self-merge it if one thinks the thing is good to go? Are types of PR’s one submits (e.g. trivial ones) ok to self-merge immediately without waiting for others to comment?

When reviewing others’ pull requests, are all members able and expected to approve and merge other contributors’ work, or how does this stuff work?

Apologies if this is already documented somewhere and I missed it (and if it is but I didn’t, perhaps including a pointer to it in one of the sources I looked from would be a good idea :slight_smile: )

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I am relative new member as well. Following are just my understanding (only apply to home-assistant/home-assistant repo)

  1. All commit to dev branch must be go through Pull Request, even a tiny typo fix

  2. All Pull Request has to be reviewed (approved or merged) by at least one other member, then can be merged by yourself or the reviewer. As you may already know, we have several active reviewer, you won’t wait long time to get feedback.
    2A. some clearly typo fix or pure simple refactoring could be self merge without others approve, but I will recommend let it be there for at least 24 hours, since our members from different time zones, make sure everyone has chance to review it.
    2B. @balloob has the wavier simply because sometimes nobody fully understand the area he was working on

  3. All merges must be “squash and merge”, even for the Pull Request only contains one commit

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