Organizing an introduction session for our not tech savy colleagues in Eindhoven

Hi All,

We, two Home Assistant enthusiasts, are organizing an introduction session with the topic "Getting started with Home Automation using Home Assistant’. Besides explaining the difference between all the available options (Cloud vs non-cloud, Proprietary vs Open Source, One protocol/brands vs multi), a how to set up HA, configure HA and some use cases, we were wondering if there’s material available that can help to get us started instead of having to create the whole presentation from scratch?

Plus what are interesting use cases that are easy to setup in a demo environment? Things like turning on the hue lights x time after sun goes down, extend to when it’s cloudy outside, extend with presence detection. Connecting a sonoff mini switch to turn off/on lights.

Wondering if you all can point us towards interesting documentation and ideas for easy use cases

Any material on my repo can be used if you desire.

Good luck and the best wishes from Eindhoven! (Yeah I’m from Eindhoven too :rofl::joy:)

Thanks @jimz011. If we’re going to organize public meetups will let you know:)