Organizing your config

I’m trying to organize my configuration.yaml file better as it has been holding every thing in it self instead of split up but I’m facing a problem.

The bottom part of my config has all my integrations, and i want that in its own file. The content is like so and called integrations.yaml

# Hue
    - host:
      allow_unreachable: true
      allow_hue_groups: true
# Netatmo
  client_id: !secret netatmo_clientid
  client_secret: !secret netatmo_clientsecret

# Neato
  username: !secret neato_username
  password: !secret neato_password
# IP cameras

  - platform: ffmpeg
    name: Stald
    input: rtsp://
# Synology
  - platform: synology_srm
    port: 8000
    password: !secret syno_srm_password
    ssl: false

I thought that i would simply use !include integrations.yaml in configuration.yaml but this gives me an error. How do i simply include a file in configuration.yaml?

I can use !include in other scenarios (like scripts: !include scripts.yaml etc) but not just with a file directly

You should be able to do this via the packages framework.


How ? :slight_smile:

if splitted my configuration in multiple files

have a look, maybe it can help you

Typing from mobile so not easy to link. Look at packages documentation. Essentially, create a packages subdir, drop your integrations.yaml file in there, and add the necessary packages statement in confirguration.yaml homeassistant section.