Orion (Arlec) Smart Lock and Tuya Integration

My main purpose in posting this is to try an understand how this works.
I have 7 devices that are on my Tuya account and all seem to be identified on Tuya IoT platform.

I have the Tuya Integration :loaded and it can see the device but says it’s unsupported. I read in the documentation that locks are unsupported.
However as it seems to work fine in the Tuya Smart app and is in the IoT all devices list I wonder where it’s unsupported?
I have raised an issue a few days ago but no comments so far.

The documentation that comes with the Orion Lock says it works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa but I don’t see that in my Exposed or Not Exposed entities.
This is probably because there are no Entities?
However the Orion Lock wants to use the Grid Connect app but scanning the forum suggests that the Grid Connect is only a re-badged Tuya app and the Tuya app certainly works with the lock. I even get push messages on my phone telling me when it’s unlocked.

Thing I want to understand.

If the lock is unsupported then where and why?
If it’s supposed to work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa then why can’t I see it in Nabu Casa?
All the other 6 devices appear???

It seems to me that Door Locks are an integral part of a Smart Home so why are they not supported?

I really want to have a better understanding if anyone can enlighten me.
Thank You

Any luck? I’m looking at buying a smart lock, and was looking at that same one, but I do want HA integration.
Are you able to get an alexa routine to trigger off the door opening?

No. No response at all from HA. The Tuya app sends me push messages when door is opened or attempted to be open and fails etc but nothing in HA. I have given up waiting.

Someone has found how to do it?

To answer your question, it’s unsupported in the TuyaV2 HA integration. That being said, that device itself has limited support in it’s primary Tuya App (Grid Connect) and doesn’t actually have many features you can perform (like actually unlocking the device directly).

But I too looking to add this for support, and wish it had a direct ‘unlock’ button/function. The request for code or push a temp code (require a person to know commands on their end). Slow notifications make this hardware less than ideal.