Orphaned entities after switching to new light groups

I had several light groups in my configuration.yaml file that I just duplicated using the new groups helper. Everything went fine. I created the new helper, gave it the same name, added the individual lights, and removed the corresponding lines from my configuration.yaml file.

The entity ID of the new group added an ā€œ_2ā€ since it was a one-to-one copy of the original, but I figured that was no big deal; I would just remove that after I rebooted and the one from configuration.yaml was gone.


I renamed the new helper group entity no problem, but there is an orphaned entity with the trailing ā€œ_2ā€ name showing up in my entities list. It is not in my automations.yaml, scripts.yaml, or configuration.yaml files. The light group is named correctly and responds to commands.

I cannot clean up the remnants of migrating from the configuration.yaml light group to the new helper light group.

Any ideas?

if you click on the orphaned entity settings there should be a button in the bottom left to remove the entity.

Iā€™m not sure if it was clearing my browser cache or just waiting, but this morning my orphaned devices were gone with no additional intervention on my end. There was no button to remove the orphaned devices though, but I appreciate the response and Iā€™m glad the devices are gone just the same.

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