Orvibo SC10W IP Camera, Password

Hi there!

I am trying for weeks to get a Orvibo SC10W camera to work in any other app than the Manufacturers App (Homemate on Android), But every one of them needs an Username and Password.

I searched the complete internet, but since these are rare camera’s i think, i cant get any hints to a username password combo.

IP Cam Passwords Directory
even here no mention of orvibo.
When connection to wifi in the Homemate app, it does refer to as “xiaoOu”, but cant find any of that also.

Anyone here can point me in the right direction?

I´ve run into the same problem today, I need to connect a Gynoid / Orvibo SC10W to my existing Frigate NVR setup. You can easily connect to the camera via its RTSP stream.

  1. Get your IP camera IP address, e.g.
  2. Get a tool to brute force RTSP streams, rtspbrute worked great for me.
  3. Test the resulting address with VLC. In my case the stream was live on rtsp:// , no username/password needed.

Hope this helps somebody although it’s a very late reply!