ORVIBO V70X/ Mixpad D1

When I bought these, I thought I was getting a pretty great deal that no one knew about yet, turns out, everyone knew something we didn’t.

I was envisioning a touchscreen light switch that could be set to have scenes available on the primary (or even other) screen and a hard switch, in case it was needed. What I got was a hard switch with a touch screen hard switch or physical dimmer, which will kill a fan.

I have RF (controlled by Bond) fans with zigbee bulbs in every room, all of it in HA, why won’t the Orvibo hardware, or even the app, see the rest of the devices and allow us to add them to the hardware‽‽ It’s really frustrating.

I’ve replaced many of my switches with the MixPad D1 when it was on sale for $50 on Amazon.

I was thinking the simplest initial workaround that would avoid tinkering with the hardware, might be to create a virtual ORVIBO device in HA that could be added to the ORVIBO app via QR code or Bluetooth (avoiding the complexities of matter) so the D1 could expose the virtual device switch on its screen and we could use it to trigger anything in HA, even a binary on/off virtual switch would be useful for activating HA automations.

They look great, have a responsive beautiful bright display, a robust processor, speaker, far field microphone (with wake-word support), local control via matter, a Flutter based UI, etc. Tons of potential for becoming a powerful HA control panel.

I was hoping the D1s could display and control my Home Assistant scenes and devices, but it’s not possible right now using Matter or the ORVIBO app with Alexa/Google integration.

I would be VERY interested in getting that functionality working.

I currently have my D1s paired via Matter to Home Assistant and paired to my Google Home devices directly through the ORVIBO integration, which seems more stable and exposes scenes created in the ORVIBO app and allows my other D1s to display their controls on every other switch, but the proprietary scenes are useless since I have no other ORVIBO devices.

Maybe somebody could at least create a HA ORVIBO virtual device switch that could be manually paired with the ORIVIBO app, which seems to use a QR code or Bluetooth for pairing.

Hi all,

I was tipped off to this device from @efirestone, and spent some time over the last year+ getting Compose UI running so that we could build our own app for this switch. Compose UI is Android’s new UI toolkit written in Kotlin, but has since been ported to run on Desktop, iOS, and the web… and now on this device!

The result is that we can now deploy our own Kotlin-based app that does whatever we want. Eventually I hope to make this a bit more turn-key so that anyone could build an app, but for now the app has to be embedded in the project which sets up the rendering and device interaction and such. Unfortunately what I did is not really for end-users just wanting to get the switch tied into HA, but more for programmers wanting to put a custom app into their wall.

I know Eric has big plans for his switches including things like HA integration as both a device but also a client controlling the rest of his house. I have modest plans for mine.

You can watch a presentation I gave last month at KotlinConf about the journey: https://youtu.be/D0P5Lb-2uCY

The repo is here: GitHub - JakeWharton/composeui-lightswitch: Compose UI for the Orvibo MixPad D1

I took a bit of a break from it after the talk since it was a mad dash to get things working in time, but I’ll be resuming work on it soon.

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