OS 5.12 upgrade on Pi4

I am running HomeAssistant OS on a pi4 4GB booting from SD card but with the data on an SSD drive. I decided to click the update button under the supervisor to 5.12 this morning which i have done many times in the past for previous OS upgrades successfully.

It has been offline for a couple of hours now and i see the hard drive light for the SSD has been solid for the whole time.

My database is around 800mb. How long would you expect the upgrade to take to 5.12? I don’t want to hard power down if it is performing some DB upgrade of some sort and is meant to take many hours to complete.

I did plug in a HDMI cable but just get a blank screen so can’t really see what is going on.


Can you ping the RPi? If not, it may be powered off and simply may require a simple power cycle to bring it back up.

I am running a RPi4 directly booting off of a Samsung SATA SSD (no SD card), using a Startech USB3.1 to SATA adapter cable. The Startech USB cable’s LED is solid when there is no activity, and flashes where there is disk activity. Perhaps yours is similar? I just upgraded HassOS from 5.11 to 5.12 via Supervisor and all went went. The upgrade only took about 2-3 minutes and was 100% automatic (no manual power cycling required.)

Good luck!

Thanks @ogiewon
I bit the bullet and cut the power. It booted back up fine and all is working again. Time to get a current copy of my config offline.
Looks like the OS upgrade was successful so not sure why it hung

On my adapter the red light is solid when it has power and the blue light flashes when it has activity. Both were solid before which is what worried me.


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I am a fairly new user to Home Assistant. I found this guide very helpful to figure out how to boot directly off of a USB attached SSD, in case you’re interested.

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