OS 6.3: USB Z-Wave stick not visible after update

After updating RPi4 OS to version 6.3, my Aeotec Z-Wave stick Gen. 5+ was not visible (Z-Wave JS can’t work with it).
Finally, I solved this by re-plugging the stick and restarting host. But there might be some small bug hidden, therefore, just in case, I’m posting this thing here.

This is what I did to figure it out…maybe it helps:

  1. Downgraded OS to 6.2 - still not working
  2. Re-plugged Z-Wave stick, restarted host - it’s working now
  3. Updated OS to 6.3 - it’s not working again
  4. Tried the same as in step 2, just with OS 6.3 - it’s working again