OSAIO camera integration

I have an GNCC P1 camera that work very well with the OSAIO App. I not found any way to integrate with HA.
From the point of view of the application it would appear to be a Tuya / Smartlife clone but it is not compatible.

I think the support from HA would be very helpful.



Me too! I’va a T2

Hi there,

Also would be nice to get integrated their smart plugs and so :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there any intention to get Osaio products integrated? As @Lucio_Tarantino commented, seems to be pretty similar to another manufacturer (Tuya and it’s app SmartLive).


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Hello I have some Osaio smart plugs and would like to have them in HA aswell :slight_smile:

Use the Tuya App to add the devices to the network and add Tuya integration and they show up in HA.

Any news about this? I’ve tried with both Smart life and Tuya apps with no luck.
(My camera is the XC100)

Would also love Oasio integration

Me too. Do you have any news how to add to Smart Life / Tuya ?