OSRAM Lightify BR Tunable White can't change color_temp

I have a bunch of OSRAM bulbs and am new to HA. While the bulbs seem to Zigbee join just fine and rarely show RGB instead of tunable white, I am having other issues. Everything seems great on the dashboard. Clicking on the entity gives me a nice gui popup that allows me to change brightness and color temp. Moving on to automations…While I can change the brightness in automations, when I try to use color_temp I get “Message malformed: extra keys not allowed @ Data [‘color_temp’]”. Any suggestions???

Show us your current automation code, please

I am simply trying to do this in the Action part of an automation:

type: turn_on
device_id: d2e38d6ef43b594d73548e69575c5612
entity_id: light.osram_lightify_br_tunable_white_c9180800_level_light_color_on_off
domain: light
brightness_pct: 100
color_temp: 200

It works fine if I remove the last line. I have tried nearly every color temp related field (e.g. Kelvin, etc.) from the Light Integration reference page with no luck.

Try with a plain service call rather than a device thingy.

That worked. Great tip. Thanks