Osram Lightify Bulbs, no gateway

I have 2 OSRAM lightify bulbs in 2 lamps in my living room. I do not have the gateway. My smartthings sees them, as well as Google Home. I want to add them to the Home Assistant, but it asks for an IP address. Everywhere I read says to get it from the gateway which I don’t have.

How do I add the bulbs to HA?

You’ll either need a Osram gateway or Wink Hub to get these into HA as far as I know; I have some lightify garden lights in HA but they are populated because they are paired to my Wink Hub.

Smartthings Hub doesn’t cut it? OK, well that sucks. I start simple with 2 bulbs and can’t get them into HA without Osram gateway or Wink hub. That sucks.

I use my Lightify Bulbs with a SmartThings hub connected to Home Assistant via MQTT:

Unfortunately, color temperature and RGB color aren’t currently supported in the way that the Lightify bulbs expect, so you can only do on/off/dimming.

There is some work in progress to get color temp and RGB working though!

Yeah, I didn’t mention this because not having access to the color isn’t really full support in my opinion. You can do all of this with the Wink Hub now.

yeah, don’t have color bulbs at the moment, so this should be fine. It sux that if I want color, i have to buy another hub.

I am using two OSRAM Lightify bulbs with Philips Hue hub. If you have no OSRAM Lightify hub like me, you first had to reset the bulbs (On/Off 5 times). Then the inclusion works fine with the philips hue app - even with the older firmware on the bulbs.

There is only one problem. With home-assistant you cannot switch them off. They stay on.

But I found a solution: You can send the bulbs a command over the Philips Hue hub. Therefor I created an command_line switch and use it in my automations:

- platform: command_line
      command_on: "curl --silent -XGET -H 'Content-Type: application/json'  http://[*** address of your philips hue hub ***]/api/[*** your generated user - see below ***]/lights"
      command_off: "curl --silent -XPUT -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{\"on\":false,\"transitiontime\":0}' http://[*** address of your philips hue hub ***]/api/[*** your generated user - see below ***]/lights/[*** number of the bulb in philips hue hub ***]/state"

You have to replace [*** … ***] with your own values.

The command_on isn’t really necessary. With homeassistant you can already switch them on. Please look at command_off. There is a json which you must send to turn the bulbs off - -d ‘{“on”:false,“transitiontime”:0}’

To learn the api of Philips Hue see https://www.developers.meethue.com/documentation/getting-started. There you can also find information on how to generate a userid which you need to call the api.

Hope this help. I spent some time doing this.

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I have the SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY by Osram - 65W BR30 paired with the smartthings hub. I managed to get color temperature working with the following. Be aware I have just started working with Home Assistant and am no where near calling myself a coder, more so an adjuster of code. Hopefully this helps with a

My light component:

  • platform: mqtt
    name: “Kitchen 3”
    state_topic: “smartthings/Kitchen 3/switch”
    command_topic: “smartthings/Kitchen 3/switch”
    brightness_state_topic: “smartthings/Kitchen 3/level”
    brightness_command_topic: “smartthings/Kitchen 3/level”
    brightness_scale: 100
    white_value_command_topic: "smartthings/Kitchen 3/colorTemperature"
    white_value_state_topic: "smartthings/Kitchen 3/colorTemperature"
    payload_on: “on”
    payload_off: “off”
    retain: true

Files modified:
homeassistant/components/light/mqtt.py LINE 59

I tried using the color_temp_value_template variable mentioned in other posts but it had no effect for me in controling the lgiht. The the white value had referenced to scale in the python code so increasing the scale to the maxzimum of the bulb allows the slider in the UI to send the correct number but it is still sending this value to the colorTemperature value that smartthings expects.

The outstanding issue of this is that the UI slider still goes from 1 to 6500 so the low end does not match the lowest value the bulb will accept. Also, this hack is in core files that will most likely get over written during an update.

This pull request appears to be on the right track to fix some of this with the color_temp configuration variables but doesn’t look to address the Mired to Kelvin issue.


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I dont know if you got it but if you have a zwave and zigbee combo stick by Nortek you can do it successfully (i did it no problems)

I was able to get OSRAM Lightify Bulbs connected no sweat as well BUT whenever I reboot the Raspberry Pi or simply restart the Home Assistant Server portion, they lose connection. Have to reset and reconnect.

Do you have these issues at all? Running the A19 RGBW Bulbs with the Nortek Z-Wave/ZigBee Stick as well. Same room, so distance isn’t an issue. Running 0.50.2 HA in VirtualENV Python.

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I restarted HA server portion with no issues… running hass 0.72.1. Have not needed to restart the pi yet.

Hi, I just bought some Osram Bulbs, and wanted to use my cc2531 stick, do you know if it is possible to use that instead of a Osram hub?


Confirm that’s works. You have to reset the bulb.

To do that :
switch off the light
authorize the pairing in zigbee2mqtt
and during 1 min toggle the light all 5 sec