OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Classic A60 clear (AC03641) - Zigbee

Hi all

I just bought a couple of this zigbee light bulbs (warm white with only brightness level) paid less that 9 € each.

I’ve installed with zigbee2mqtt and this is my config

  - platform: mqtt
    schema: json
    command_topic: "homeassistant/light/xxxxxxxxxx/light/config"
    name: Osram 1 Piantana sala
  - platform: mqtt
    schema: json
    command_topic: "homeassistant/light/yyyyyyyyyyy/light/config"
    name: Osram 2 Piantana sala

  - platform: group
    name: Soggiorno
      - light.xxxxxxxxxx
      - light.yyyyyyyyyy

Is this a correct way to configure them?

Another question is regarding the default state.

If unplug my lamp from socket when bulbs are off and plug it again, the bulbs turn on.

Is there a way to have them always off?

I’m worried if I have a lack of electricity (sorry for my english), when it comes back I will have the bulbs turned on.


All you need is here…


I’m already using zigbee2mqtt, I wrote in my message! :blush:

There I haven’t found the answers to my questions.

PS: Now I understood what you mean, I found the AC03641 configuration

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Is there a way to set the default state of the bulb after power loss?

It seems that it will always turns on.