Osram motion sensor and continuous motion issue

Hi guys,

I’m new both to HA and this forum so apologies in advance in case I forget some vital information.
Actually not even sure if this should go to Configuration or Hardware.

I did try to search similar problems but failed to find any.

My problem is with the Osram motion sensor. Recently I migrated from Osram Lightify app & setup to HA and deConz/Phoscon on Raspberry Pi + Raspbee II.

Now, I can get basic automation (via UI) to work, even with this motion sensor. It switches dedicated light on when triggered and back off after some time.
My problem is with continuous motion, when I am constantly in front of sensor. Apparently sensor doesn’t want to re-fire unless I leave the picture (for about 30sec). So, if I am constantly in front of it, it will fire once, and then go to “cleared” (no movement) state after about 30-60s and just stay in it. Doesn’t matter what I do in front of it. I’ve checked both the logger and it’s history of states.

Anybody out there already encountered this problem? Is there a software solution to this hardware issue?

Just to add, it worked flawlessly under the Osram app for a few years. So not sure if it’s the sensor, deConz or HA that is causing this problem.

Thanks in advance!