Osram Smart+ Gardenpole with hue hub and HomeKit: Setting a color won't work

I have a Osram Smart+ Gardenpole Mini RGBW connected to a hue hub, which is attached to HA. Setting colors via the hue App (on iOS) works great, I select a color, and the light will switch to that color.

Now, HA makes this light available in my HomeKit (through homekit ā€“ include_entities). When I controll the light via the Apple Home App or any HomeKit automation, the color setting never works. I can open the color picker, and while I choose the color the light will correctly switch to the desired color, but as soon as I lift the finger off the color chooser, the light will snap to an ugly cold white color.

Same with HomeKit scenes, you can save a scene with the light, it will switch on, but with the pale white color.

I even got a osram gateway now to flash the latest firmware, which sadly didnt change this problem.

Anybody knows what I can do to controll this lights via HomeKit through HA?

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Iā€™m having the same issues.
The Gardenpole seem to run SW V1.04.93

Funny enough, if I tell Siri to change the color, it works.
So only manually setting it via the HomeKit app switches the color back to some value after initially showing the correct one.

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is this still not working - I can only change color red & green :-/