Osram Smart+ Plug with ConBee2 Stick

Hi there,

I added yesterday some Osram Smart+ Plugs with the ConBee2 Stick.
I can switch on/off via Alexa and with the lovelace cards.
But the measurement failed totally.
If the plug is off, the measurement shows 28.000 W, if its on 400 W.


Is there a way to calibrate the plug?


No. The plugs do not report power consumption. The field is there, but its filled with nonsense and the product page does not claim the ability to measure.

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Hi @Timsche2210,

I could see using deConz that this measurements are wrong.

But I was not able to expose this entity on home assistant. How is your sister configured?


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Again: The named switches do not measure power consumption. They do however two complete nonsense values, depending on their on/off state. If I remember correctly it‘s either 400 or 28,000 Watts.

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@m0wlheld I agreed with you. I just wanted to know how he configured this device to get that sensor (wrong or not) because I didn’t

okay, I understand…
I plug the conbee2 stick at my syno and added the stick at the VM.
After that I added the integration Zigbee and clicked on configration. Adding device and than turn on the Osram Smart+ Plug and hold the button for 5-10 seconds (until the plug clicks).
Than it pairs automatically to the Zigbee integration.

I’m using a raspberry with conbee2 stick and running deconz on a docker. When I paired (automatically) it only showed the state on/off, no that measurements entity. Anyway it didn’t work. Thanks @Timsche2210

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