OSRAM (Sylvania) Light Strip 4052899926110 - How to reset status?


I’ve integrated this light strip into my Home Assistant instance and I’m able to switch it on or to change colors.

Now I tried to come up with an Automation, to slowly turn on the light, meaning from zero to a warm white.

Problem: The light seems to remember the last state and starts from there. So in case the last state was a bright green, the Automation starts from there and slowly transforms into the target state.

I have seen that there is something concerning a memory and to reset this, the following line needs to be added:

    "remember_state": true,            // true, false (boolean)

But where do I set this? I’ve tried to set this as parameter in the Automation, but then the Automation does not start at all:

service: light.turn_on
  remember_state: false
  transition: 10
  brightness: 130
    - 255
    - 255
    - 255
entity_id: light.osram_light_strip_light

Any idea on how to proceed?

Thanks a lot,