Osram Zigbee bulbs - no status update with local binding

I have my IKEA Zigbee 5 button remotes connected via group binding to Osram bulbs and SonOff ZBMINI switches. The local control works great - immediate switching and works if HA is down. The ZBMINI will update its status in HA when changed by the remote, but various Osram bulbs I’ve tried do not do this. Not knowing if a bulb is really on or off is obviously not great for automation! Does anyone know if this if fixable in any way, by maybe updating the bulbs’ firmware (not sure how without an Osram gateway) or somehow forcing a frequent status update for the bulbs?

If not, I guess I’m going to have to change my bulbs! Can anyone recommend any that definitely do reflect the status when connected this way? IKEA ones maybe?

Well that’s disappointing. I’ve just tried an IKEA bulb (with an IKEA remote) and it has exactly the same issue.

What Zigbee stack are you using ? ZHA, Zigbee2MQTT, Deconz ?

ZHA. Sorry, should have mentioned that.

Progress though! After doing a Reconfigure on the IKEA bulb, it now passes its changed status to HA :grinning:. Unfortunately this did not work for the Osram bulb. So, my current results are:

Status updates: Sonoff ZBMINI, IKEA bulb
No Status updates: Osram bulb

When I compare the cluster situation, I notice the Osram bulb does not have a LightLink Out cluster. Is it possible this is needed for status updates from locally bound commands? Sorry if that’s a stupid question - rather out of my depth here!

From left to right, this shows Zigbee ZBMINI, IKEA bulb, Osram bulb (does not reflect updates).

Hey, did you ever manage to get this working? I find myself in the same situation, IKEA 5 button remote, bound to a combination of IKEA, Lidl and OSRAM lights. IKEA and Lidl lights report their status correctly when controlled with the remote - OSRAM Smart+ is a no. Tried all kinds of re pairing, either using touch link, or binding via ZHA… no joy.

Hi, I had the same problem.
The solution is to go in the “reporting” tab of the device and select the endpoint 3, cluster OnOff, Attribute onOff and min rep interval to 0, then press apply. The bulbs will start reporting the status change.