OTA Update Error

Whenever i click the OTA update menu on any device - a red error modal pops up with the following error message:

Error while calling api getAvailableFirmwareUpdates: Cannot check for firmware updates for node 13: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'includes') (ZW0261)

Is this normal? Did I miss some instruction on properly configuring this?

The status of every device reports “No updates available”

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I have the same error. I cannot manually update firmware either. Maybe related. Haven’t found any solutions.

The error message reported here and in the GitHub issue only arise from using the OTA service, they wouldn’t be involved in manual updates. If you have some other problem related to manual updates, you might want to provide more detail.

I’m getting the same error.

appears to be an upstream bug. They just reverted how they were handling cach’ing

Any solution for this yet?

looks like the latest docker image has the fix.