OTGW Opentherm Gateway controlling issues

When setting up the OTGW with mqtt there is a nice climate entity showing the room temperature and a setting for the temperature.

If I change the temperature, the Remote override room setpoint temperature changes in the Opentherm Monitor, but the boiler does not heat.
If I change the temperature with the room thermostat, the Room setpoint changes in the Opentherm Monitor and the boiler heats, en plus the status in the mqtt climate entity changes from idle to heat.

In the Opentherm Monitor, in the thermostat menu, I can read the setting of the room thermostat, changing the setpoint here does not start the heater, the Room setpoint does not change in the overview.

Boiler: AWG Thermomaster 3HR
Room Thermostat: Honeywell Round Modulated Connected

What is the correct way to control the boiler with this device?

Hi, I have the same problem. Did you solve this?

Iemand een oplossing voor bovenstaand probleem gevonden?

Heb hetzelfde.

I just installed an OTGW between my iSense thermostat and Remeha Quinto boiler and had the same problem. However on the iSense thermostat, there is a setting under the Service menu (luckily that menu was unlocked, as I see there is a possibility to lock it behind a password) which read ‘Allow external control’, and it was set to false. After setting that to true, and then changing the temperature, the remote override changes, as before. The visual temperature slider jumps back to the temperature setpoint. But a few seconds later, the thermostat itself shows: Manual temperature: (my set temperature) until (time when next thermostat scheduled temperature is set). Setpoint and visual slider in HA change to my set temperature and heater starts if required.

So currently it works (with a delay of a few seconds) as if I changed the temperature manually on the thermostat itself.

Did anybody solve this?
I also have a Remeha (Avanta) with a iSense thermostat (dating back to 2008).
The only thing I seem to be able to succesfully write, is the outside temperature.
All other writes and climate control don’t seem te work.
When I look in the OT Monitor, I do see for instance TT=20 and/or TC=20 commands, but the thermostat nor the boiler seem to act and/or display the new setpoint.
Switching between Gateway/Monitor mode in OT Monitor doesn’t seem to do anything either (apart from sending a command which is not picked up, at least not by HA there the mode stays at G(ateway))
p.s. my OTGW is a new one from the Nodo shop
p.s. My iSense does not have the service menu item that RobinR1 is refering to…

What I found out so far, is dat HA climate shows the room set point (or the override), but when I operate it and change the temp it seems to set the controle setpoint. The latter doesn’t seem to work with my thermostat and boiler.
I managed to set the room temp manually by issueing BS=16. It’s not the override one, but this was as close a command I could find. And although the gateway picks it up, the boiler doesn’t seem to act upon it nor does the iSense show the BS setpoint (still showing the set point entered manually on the iSense:14,5)
Anybody any tips on how to get this working? Or some tests I could do to get a better idea, what’s going on to figure out why OTGW doesn’t play well?
I’m using a OTGW v6.5.

00:35:03.482930 T10100E80 Write-Data Room setpoint: 14.50
00:35:03.494756 R90101000 Write-Data Room setpoint: 16.00
00:35:03.628505 B50101000 Write-Ack Room setpoint: 16.00
00:35:03.643061 AD0100E80 Write-Ack Room setpoint: 14.50

Update:In my case its the iSense causing it not to work: