OTGW Opentherm Gateway controlling issues

When setting up the OTGW with mqtt there is a nice climate entity showing the room temperature and a setting for the temperature.

If I change the temperature, the Remote override room setpoint temperature changes in the Opentherm Monitor, but the boiler does not heat.
If I change the temperature with the room thermostat, the Room setpoint changes in the Opentherm Monitor and the boiler heats, en plus the status in the mqtt climate entity changes from idle to heat.

In the Opentherm Monitor, in the thermostat menu, I can read the setting of the room thermostat, changing the setpoint here does not start the heater, the Room setpoint does not change in the overview.

Boiler: AWG Thermomaster 3HR
Room Thermostat: Honeywell Round Modulated Connected

What is the correct way to control the boiler with this device?

Hi, I have the same problem. Did you solve this?

Iemand een oplossing voor bovenstaand probleem gevonden?

Heb hetzelfde.