Other options when Tuya IoT expired

Hi, my Tuya IoT subscription expired today and now my all Tuya devices disappeared when i reloaded the integration. I request extension for another 6 month but it is still in review. I read that some people are able to use the devices even when their subscription expires and others can’t. What are the options in this case ? I have 4 wi fi Tuya devices and now i can’t use them :frowning: Even they extended my subscription it will be only for 6 months. I started to buy Zigbee hub and Zigbee devices with plan to use them with Z2M but some of the wi fi devices are important as water heater switch and water leak sensor and for now i want to control them from HA :confused:

Well from Tuya was so nice to extend my subscription with another 6 months but what about after this period ?
What are the options ? :smiley:

I still wonder, for more than a year!, what’s this all about with “subscriptions expired”, as said, i have my wifi-devices in localtuya, and an/some (basic) account in tuya.iot for these device, where do i see whether there is some expire-time for this ?, i’ve never got/get any message that it would expire, 1.5 year now, so why do "some people struggle with this ? , and where do i see whether this also will “happens” to me ?

you can see it in Tuya IoT Platform web side in the left you click “Cloud” and then “My subscriptions” . there will be information for the IoT core.

It patently doesn’t affect LocalTuya because I’ve been using that for 2 years without issue.

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What do you mean by Local Tuya, the application for mobile devices ? i

ok, thx, i just checked, when i click on cloud , i see my 2 “Projects” and a link to “Upgrade to IOT Core Plan” … hmmmm now why would i do such a thing ? :grin:

probably you are not on the right place. From cloud choose → Cloud services → there will be list of service names and you will see IoT Core, in the right you will see View Details and when you click you will see the expiration date.

im sure im in the right place, i DONT have a iot-CORE account :wink:

EDIT: You are right, i had thou it’s expired, so should( says the Date !), the next Service also be, and the “alerting” shows
" An exception occurs but the service still works "

EDIT_2: so what type of “Account” do you have ?, as these are services, most likely depended upon type of account

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I also ran into this IoT expired issue and clicked a good part of this Friday afternoon through endless web pages … until I found this one of Tuya explaining the process:


So yes, the 6 months extension is the way to go. And, although not promised to last for ever, it can be extended after that again. Extension request should be honored in 1 (working) day.

Fine with me if they would ask a fair fee for home users that would limit the number of API calls.
What could be considered as fair would be different for each of us of course.

Please explain? I had thought i put all my devices on the localtuya integration but now that my IoT has expired I cannot use HA. Obviously I have something is still cloud based instead of local. Should I not have checked the cloud API on the localtuya integration? Thanks!

Here’s the documentation etc.

I agree, and as of today it is still working.

  1. Log in to the Tuya IOT platform
  2. Navigate Dev platform – Cloud – Cloud services
  3. Find “IOT Core” in the list and click “view details”
  4. It then gives you the current expiration date and a link to apply to extend it. The link opens a form you fill in with who you are and how many devices you have (less than 50, 50-1000 etc).
  5. After sending the form the IOT core product has the status “Your application for extension is being reviewed” …

Today I received an email about the expiration of the Tuya IOT Core service. When I clicked through the link provided, it seemed impossible to renew the trial without paying $25000! Luckily Google brought me here and when I followed the suggestion from @AndySymons I landed on a different page, where you can request renewal of the trial. Thanks for that.

I wish I knew what would happen if the trial lapsed. I remember that this happened before and it was a big pain to set everything up again. But at that time I switched to LocalTuya and I don’t know if Tuya could change the device credentials remotely - I would expect yes, which would be horrible.

:frowning: Running into the same issue. Based on this feels like this is a lot of work, better to go with dumb lights and smart switch. Love Home Assistant, hate that you constantly have to keep tinkering with with to keep it running, especially the ones that you have setup and need to tinker with the setup to keep them working.:frowning:

My Tuya stuff is totally blocked from the internet and works perfectly with Local Tuya. No requirement to renew anything and they even auto configure.


Is the IOT Core still needed these days?

I’m sure I read some set-up instructions (which for the life of me I can’t find again) suggesting that the “Smart Home Basic Service” which doesn’t get revoked was needed but didn’t mention IOT Core.