Other problem with modbus after upgrade

After upgrade to version 26.2, i was unable to create a modbus swhtch; HA crash at start
this is my configuration file:

  type: serial
  method: rtu
  port: /dev/ttyUSB0
  baudrate: 38400
  stopbits: 1
  bytesize: 8
  parity: N
#  timeout: 0.05

#creo gli slave

  platform: modbus
  slave: 1
      name: arduino

this configuration worked well with version 25.

A log from the crash is always helpful to pinpoint the error :slight_smile:

HA crash without creating the new log file.
I think the problem is the lack of pymodbus library in this version.

Sorry having a hard time actually believing that HA is just randomly crashing with no output what so ever. Did you try and start it manually in the CLI? You should get a stacktrace there…

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