Other tracker device types, read states possible?

Newbie here, be gentle please.
I wonder if its possible to configure/translate other device states for tracker type devices, using nmap or fritz!box tracker.
I would like to have some devices display On/Off (ping of my tv which is not controllable yet), Up/Down (my internal website), or Home/Not home. (default)
Is this possible by translating/converting the states, or does this break conditions inside automation?
Suggestion to add optional type parameter to hosts in tracker config if not possible.
I have hacked nmap tracker as some sort of POC by replacing all STATE_HOME/STATE_NOT_HOMES entries with STATE_ON/STATE_OFF, this works for all devices, but then the state is displayed without capital letter (on/off instead of On/Off) were is this handled?

Like always, directly after clicking submit I found a thread about this, I don’t have it working yet, need more understanding of config syntax. They ony show up as sensors above not in list.