Other Tuya device support via Scenes

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As can be seen in the documentation, the Tuya integration supports the following entity types:


Now, Tuya has many many other device types and it’s not immediately obvious that Scene enables support for many of them!

In my case it was a pet feeder that I wanted to integrate into HA, so I did this:

  1. Add device to the Smart Life app
  2. In the Smart Life app, go to the Smart menu, Tap-to-Run, “+”
  3. Select “Launch Tap to Run”
  4. Select “Run the device”
  5. Select your non-supported device
  6. Select the desired function (in my case Feed) and parameter (in my case portion number)
  7. The Scene (in my case with some Chinese text in the name) gets added to Smart Life
  8. Set up the Tuya integration in HA (make sure your Tuya password only has letters and numbers)
  9. The Scene shows up in the HA integration!

After that, it’s easy to rename it, add it to Alexa & Google Home and thus achieve HA & voice control over the device.

The scene creation in the Tuya app has a whole bunch of other options, this is just an example for my pet feeder, but it looks like time & other stuff can be used to trigger it as well.



This is maybe a bit off-topic, but when I set up my pet feeder, the device (pet feeder) does not appear under the device list for “Tap To Run”. Did you have to do anything to get it there?

Thank you!

For someone with a noisy nocturnal chat and wanting to have this remote controlled this is a blessing

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Sorry for the late reply, no, I didn’t do anything other than the steps mentioned in the OP. Were you able to add the feeder to the Smart Life app without issues and then it just didn’t show up in the Tap to Run list?