Out of disk space

I’m running HAOS on a RPi4 with a 16GB SD card, everything updated to latest. I continually run out of disk space.
Just now:

~ # df /
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
overlay               14572084  12972792    978664  93% /
~ # df /
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
overlay               14572084  12972800    978656  93% /

You can see disk is getting used up every few seconds. But I can’t figure out where the space is going. I can ssh in as root (turned off “protection mode” in the ssh addon). Tools like ncdu and du -s show only 2.2GB used, and that du -s number doesn’t change rapidly the way df / does. I’m guessing the rest of the 12GB used is in the OS which I maybe don’t have access to? How can I clean up the disk and stop whatever’s filling it up?

16GB is too small, you will have issues with this until you change it to a bigger one.

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Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. But even if I get a bigger disk, if it’s filling up like this I’ll still end up in the same place. I’d like to fix the actual problem.

Unless you store media files on your installation you will not fill up if you go for a 64 or a 128GB card, all though I would absolutely recommend you ditch SD-cards all together and go for another storage media. SSD for example. My installation is running 90GB storage and has been doing so for several years. 44% used at the moment.

I’d like to keep everything internal to the RPi where possible (so I’d rather not go external boot over USB), so sounds like I should update to a 128GB SD card.
Still wish I could see where that disk space is going. Around 100k every 10 sec or so. At that rate it’ll fill up my 1GB free in about a day. It would fill up 128GB in a few months.

OK, one more question. I ordered an external SSD, you’re right that should be much faster & nicer. But I can’t take a backup; I have only 0.8GB available. Any ideas on how to figure out where that space has gone so I can delete it and take my backup?

Check home-assistant.log and home-assistant_v2.db

Thanks, did those. db is big (1.4GB), removed the log.
Rebooting the RPi worked; freed up 4GB which is enough for me to make a backup.
Disk space is still rapidly disappearing but I was able to get the backup downloaded.

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Then setup google drive backup as soon as you have it running on the new drive.

Then if you do run out of space which is unlikely you have an offsite backup.

Try using this command line to see what’s eating up your space:

sudo du --exclude="/home" -x -h -a / | sort -r -h | head -30