Out of memory error (in browser)

On one of my home assistant I get this error pretty frrequently. I reload the browser and then its fine, but after few minutes the browser crashes agail, with this error

Also while browsing the various home assistant tabs, the navigation is less smooth then usual, some freezes.

What can it be?

Probably a custom dashboard card with a memory leak.



I noticed completely the same issue after upgrade of HA to version 2024.3 (from version 2023.12). Browser crashes almost everyday, I did not change my dashboard, only upgrade of HA made the diffrerence.

None of this makes any sense. Home Assistant and your browser are on separate computers.

But the update somhow created a memory leak to a dashboard card. I have this problem as well. I have way too many custom cards to isolate. Ended up installing a browser auto refresher to temporarily fix this issue for now.

In your web browser right click anywhere in the page and choose “inspect”, look at the console log for errors.

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