Out of range in input helper, but it is not

I changed the min and max attributes of an input_number helper from a script but when I want to change the value in the front-end I get an out of range error. The range the script has set is from -0.2 to 1.2 and I changed the slider from 0.5 to 0.3 and I get below error:

The min and max values in the script are floats. The range in the error message is not the range I see and not the range that I have set.Reloading the frond-end does not help.

Maybe I cannot use this, or I should do something extra, as according to states the range is set correctly:

initial: null
editable: true
min: -0.2
max: 1.2
step: 0.05
mode: slider
unit_of_measurement: NOK/kWh
icon: mdi:cash
friendly_name: ChargeBelowPrice

Anyone an idea why this does not work?

How? Are you using a custom integration? There isn’t a core service call to do that.

yes, I use pyscript to set a new value to the min and max attributes of the helper. The new values are set, but somehow does not get transferred to the core (or whatever we should call this) as when I open the helper page and look at the helper, the original values are still there. Only the attributes are changed not the real min and max of the helper.
I guess I need to add a feature request to have a functionality like that.

You could switch to a Template number, which allows templated values for min and max.