[OUTDATED] FreeNAS Plugin: Demo includes Home Assistant + AppDaemon + Configurator

As per @troy’s request this post was removed. Please check the following link for an update on that matter.

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Thanks you, i will give these a try

How do i go about accessing the yaml file ?

You can use the Configurator to edit the yaml files. Sorry I don’t have time to better explain but hopefully a pictures can help.

Can you do docker containers on FreeNAS? I only played with it for a couple days but ended up on unRaid last year and it just has a docker tab on the GUI where you just search and pick which containers you want to install in the GUI. Figured FreeNAS might have something similar?

Thank you Troy, Everything works

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EDIT: Sorry I just re-read your question… Yes you can run docker on FreeNAS but there is NOT a “docker tab” I think you have would have to configure docker manually.

The short answer I think is yes. I’ve only played with docker a few years ago when it first released. Now getting Hass.io running, for example, might not be so straightforward. I’m sorry I don’t have the knowledge to better speak about this. For my current use case docker is just to much overhead. And there is overlap between what FreeNAS already provides and the add-ons provided with Hass.io. For example Samba and ssh are already available and easily configured through the native FreeNAS GUI. I have only briefly looked at trying to get Hass.io running on FreeNAS but at this time it’s just been much easier to get the components (like AppDaemon, Node Red, Mosquitto…) running by themselves. For me it’s just easier to make a new Jail. I have been slowly working on some other scripts make installing these other “add-ons” easier but work is getting in the way

Right, I had the same overlap issues as well and with the docker containers already ready to go it was a simple 2-3 minute install and setup for my first HomeAssistant install with MQTT running.

@digiblur. I know it’s off topic but FreeNAS 11.2 Beta released this week. Have a look here for some new features in the GUI related to docker http://doc.freenas.org/11.2/vms.html#docker-rancher-vms

Ahh… They have to do VMs, guess that’s due to FresBSD? Makes sense now.

Last question lol how did you install Mosquitto Mqtt?

@fvargasfrank I install mosquitto in a separate plugin/jail.

Try this to install as a plugin

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tprelog/iocage_plugings_freenas/master/mosquitto-mqtt.json
sudo iocage fetch -P dhcp=on vnet=on bpf=yes -n mosquitto-mqtt.json

Or if you prefer this is a great example to create and install in a jail manually. Here’s a link that if your interested

Thank you i did manually need to learn anyway lol, do i need to do anything special for it to auto start in case of a reboot or something ?

If you followed all steps you are already good to go! Just fyi this is the exact command that enables mosquitto to auto start on reboot

sysrc mosquitto_enable=yes

Hello Troy,
So yesterday i had a power outage and I’m unable to get Home assistant running, not able to console in the hass-3io, I cant stop it and start it. It gets an IP but home assistant is not running,
root@freenas:~ # iocage console hass-3io
root@freenas:~ #
root@freenas:~ # iocage stop hass-3io

  • Stopping hass-3io
    • Running prestop OK
    • Stopping services OK
    • Tearing down VNET OK
    • Removing jail process OK
    • Running poststop OK
      root@freenas:~ # iocage start hass-3io
  • Starting hass-3io
    • Started OK
    • Configuring VNET OK
    • DHCP Address:
    • Starting services OK
      root@freenas:~ # iocage console hass-3io

@fvargasfrank I’m not really sure but hopefully I can help figure it out.

What’s the output if you run iocage list -l

It’s weird you cant even get to the console. Since the console is connecting to the plugin OS. Even if homeassistant was completely corrupted or not even installed you should still be able to get in the hass-3io console.

Have you tried restarting your entire FreeNAS system? This seems like something wrong with jail itself not directly a problem with homeassistant

Also just curious what returns if you run this command?
iocage exec hass-3io service homeassistant status

Here are the output
I restarted several time but not luck
I can always destroy it and start clean i dont have much, but dont know if there is something wrong with the script or my system lol

root@freenas:~ # iocage list -l
| 2 | hass-3io | on | up | pluginv2 | 11.1-RELEASE-p11 | epair0b| | - | - |
| 1 | mosquitto-mqtt | on | up | pluginv2 | 11.1-RELEASE-p11 | epair0b| | - | - |
root@freenas:~ #

root@freenas:~ # iocage exec hass-3io service homeassistant status
homeassistant is not running.
root@freenas:~ #
root@freenas:~ # iocage console hass-3io root@freenas:~ # iocage exec hass-3io service homeassistant start
Starting homeassistant.
login class ‘daemon’ non-existent, using default
su: pam_start: system error
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/homeassistant: WARNING: failed to start homeassistant

So that definitely looks like the jail is up… When you run iocage console hass-3io Do you get to the hass-3io console?

If not can you test iocage console mosquitto-mqtt to see if that works

When i console to the mosquitto it works fine but the hass one does not it just goes back
root@freenas:~ # iocage console hass-3io
root@freenas:~ #

So right there makes me think its the jail. I also have no idea what this is either.

Honestly it’s probably much quicker (probably about 10 minutes) to just backup you config files you’ve edited in homeassistant and just reinstall rather than troubleshooting a broken jail. I can help you do that. It’s very simple and good to know how anyways. Not the best answer I know… but its probably the easiest. I did figure out how to make a plugin but I’m by no means and expert when it comes to the FreeNAS system itself