Outdoor outlet wifi controlled

New to wireless devices. Isthere any outdoor outlet that I can control on/off using wireless? To far away in the garden for zwave. and work in HA

What do you mean “outlet”?

not aware of any but if it was safe in a container / enclosure I can’t see why a standard socket would not work?

A power socket. It control a water pump in the corner of the garden. Its about 50 m away from the house so need to be wifi. I can ofc put it in a enclosure if no waterproof ones are availablr

you could put a sonoff behind your current socket, but I’d be worried about wifi over 50m.

Why! You mean the wifi signal is not strong enough? I run a Orbi Mesh with an outdoor satellite and have perfect connection over the double distance

Could a Broadlink do the job? And can they be connected to HA

I’m with @nickrout. Sonoff. Cheap and cheerful and good enough.
Whether you want an in-line one (e.g. basic) to keep it safe (in the house then run your cable to the garden) or an actual Wifi outlet (e.g. S20), will depend on your preference I guess

The power cable runs underground all the way to the well and contains 5 wires plus the outside metal cover plus rubber. My idea was to connect something like a Broadlink Contros or similar.

I’m not familiar with Broadlink so can’t comment on it i’m afraid.

If you have enough space to fit all the bits, you could use a small power supply feeding 5vdc to a NodeMCU (running this setup) which then controls a relay / contactor. You just need enough space in a water tight box to house it all but that should be easy considering how small these items are.

I installed a WeMo Insight to control a pool pump. I replaced the built-in Wifi antenna with an external one, installed the external antenna well above the pool to improve reception, and then put the switch into a weatherproof box. See here for some photos:

Thanks, this looks like the way to go