Outdoor PIR with Smart Switch - local

I currently have 4 IP 44 rated PIR sensors ( CS1100 Crompton Lighting ) connected to the lighting along my verandah they appear to have a control wire and a 220V live connection. These are not the most sensitive. I don’t want to rewire everything, but want to know if there is a drop in replacement where I can put in a wifi / zigbee outdoor rated PIR sensor that triggers the lights but can also be controlled locally via HA? That way I can put in other mmwave detectors or scenes or leaving or arriving at the house.

Probably Shelly for lights (dimmer if lights will dim) as they can fit in small box. I use cctv frigate as my PIR but if you can supply 5V power then latest esp and one of the people sensors in a custom box. ESP thread has quite a lot on these sensors worth reading.

Thankyou, if there are no other suggestions for an off the shelf product, I’ll use that option. I have some esp32s and 3d printer can call into action if required.