Outdoor security cameras - USA

Hello Gurus,

What outdoor security works best with HA?

  1. I have wyze pan cam that does not work with HA

  2. I have arlo but the aarlo HACS integration stopped working last week.

Wondering if anybody has recommendations on outdoor security cams that work natively with HA

I’m following this topic also.

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I use Foscam cameras.

I have 9 of them in various models and they all work great in HA.

I also use Blue Iris on Windows for my NVR and they work great there as well.

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can u power them via solar panels like an arlo?

I have no idea. I’ve never tried.

But they have a 5vdc input and I believe is less than 2 amps.

so if you have a panel that can supply that then i think you should be ok.