Outdoor Smart Switch for the cold

I’m in the middle of building a gazebo and am looking for the right wifi or zigbee smart switches to use on my lighting circuits. Since I’m doing some special lights here and there, I was hoping to use a smart switch. The trouble I’m having is finding ones rated for the cold, it gets down to 0F regularly in the Northeast of the US.

Since I’m doing the wiring myself, I’m planning to use larger boxes, but the main bank of switches will have 3 or 4 switches.

I have a few Ledvance Zigbee outdoor plugs working here, which are officially rated for operation between -20 and +35 celsius (-4 to +95 F). No trouble whatsoever.

Not sure if there is a US version of those, though.

I’m using a no name/Lidl zigbee plug as well, also no trouble.

I guess temperature per se is not much of an issue.
Humidity and condensation are.

I appreciate the thoughts, though I’m really looking for a switch and not a plug, as this is primarily for lighting applications which often get wired directly.

Ah, gotcha. So more something like this:

I have three of these little guys working in a less-than-desireable environment, but sitting in IP65 sealed boxes.

One is smartifying the doorbell, one is running my garage door and one controls the light on my uninsulated attic.

Same temperature range as outside, not a single issue for the last (almost) 4 years.

Thanks! I use a few of those elsewhere, but couldn’t find a temperature rating on them.