Outdoor temperature in "Honeywell Total Connect Comfort (US)" integration

Is there a way to read outdoor temperature sensor in addition to thermostat by using “Honeywell Total Connect Comfort (US)” integration?

I have Honeywell Total Connect Comfort (US) - Home Assistant enabled using:


  • platform: honeywell
    username: ***
    password: ***

and as a result I have entity climate.thermostat but can I read inside and outside temperature reported by Honeywell?

From your UI, goto Developer Tools and look for your climate.thermostat. In the rightmost column is a list of attributes, and you can (hopefully) figure out which other attribute(s) you may be interested in.
For example, mine has the indoor temperature as the attribute: current_temperature. It also has indoor humidity: current_humidity, but it doesn’t have outdoor temperature nor outdoor humidity.

If you find an attribute you want to use, then use a template sensor to create a sensor from one of these attributes. There are a couple of ways to create a template sensor, one is the legacy, and the other is the “newer” way. I haven’t updated mine to the newer way yet, so here is an example using the legacy method (my thermostat is named “downstairs” and it is located in my living room) to create a sensor named sensor.livingroom_temp:

  - platform: template
        unit_of_measurement: '°F'
        friendly_name: 'Livingroom Temp'
        value_template: '{{state_attr("climate.downstairs","current_temperature") }}'
        device_class: temperature

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I was looking for the same thing, surprised outdoor Temperature and RH not available as an attribute.

Any update on this? I am looking for the same thing.

Mine still does not have any attributes for outdoor temperature, so no.