Outlet marked as dead after automation turns it off

I have a new HomeAssistant Z-Wave JS setup that’s working fine with all of my devices, except for a GE/Jasco 45605 outlet. I can control the outlet fine until a nightly automation runs to turn it off, then it’s instantly marked as “dead” in ZWave JS and I have to remove and re-add it to get it back. This happened first with a Zooz 700 stick, but I tried an Aeotec stick 5+ and it’s still happening. The outlet was working just fine with my previous ZWave controller (Hubitat) and was never marked dead.

Is this a possible ZWave JS bug, or am I missing something?

A bit more searching on the forum, and I may have solved this. I just came across this thread:


which mentioned possible interference with a USB stick and other USB ports on a rasberry pi. So I tried a short, 1 foot USB extender, and suddenly my dead device is alive again. Hope this helps anyone else in the future.