Outlet that measure power usage

Does anyone have a favorite smart outlet that measures power usage ? I’d prefer a commercial pass-through configuration, rather than a Shelly-like device. I’ve got a SmartThings 7A-PL-W-A1 Wifi outlet that purports to have attributes that show power consumption, both real-time and entire day. I’ve got the outlet configured through a SmartThings Hub, and am bringing it into Home Assistant via the SmartThings integration. The attributes for power consumption seem non-functional. And there seem to be alot of internet complaints about this model.

Anyone else have a favorite in-use within your HA Config ?


This depends on where you are as models vary widely in their availability, pin configuration and voltage support. Please include your country information when making this sort of request.

Good advice, thanks. I’m in the United States, looking for 120v 15A outlet. And to your point, it looks like Meross currently has decent options for 220V configs. And it looks like TP-link Kasa is in between models, having deprecated their Kasa HS110 (seems out of stock), in favor of their Kasa KP115 (not yet available).

Can you expand on your statement here? I don’t understand it.

I probably could have been more thoughtful with my wording. Shelly has a nice produce called the “Shelly 1 PM” which has all the features I need, just not the form-factor. In my case, I’d have to construct some sort of extension cord with the Shelly 1 PM in the middle of it. I’m qualified and comfortable doing that kind of electrical work, just not interested for this particular use case. In this use case, I’m looking for more of a plug-and-play outlet solution with power monitoring, similar to the Kasa KP 115, which doesn’t seem to have been released yet. Or the SmartThings 7A-PL-W-A1, which doesn’t seem to integrate well with Home Assistant (or simply isn’t actually broadcasting the correct attributes).

Are there other “plug-and-play” outlet solutions (US plug config, 110v 15A) which measure power and integrate well with Home Assistant ?

what about the Shelly Plug?

I started with the Shelly 1PM and have since added the Shelly Plug US as @richieframe states. I am pleased with their performance after 3 months monitoring a washer, a dryer and a refrigerator.

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The Shelly Plug US looks like a great suggestion ! I just ordered a few to try them out, thanks so much !

My KP115 just arrived and I replaced the HS100 that’s been controlling my office window AC in the summer.

Excited to get this graphing

current_power_w: '0.00'
total_energy_kwh: '0.000'
voltage: '122.8'
current_a: '0.00'
today_energy_kwh: '0.000'
friendly_name: acmon