Output date and time from a camera image

Hello everyone,
I use the following script to take a new picture with the Blink Outdoor camera and save it:

alias: Kamera OG Bild machen
  - service: blink.trigger_camera
      entity_id: camera.blink_g8t1gj0130160k0g_camera
  - delay: "00:00:05"
  - service: blink.blink_update
    data: {}
  - service: camera.snapshot
      filename: /config/www/snapshot/eg_tuer.jpg
      entity_id: camera.blink_g8t1gj0130160k0g_camera

This also works well so far.

My problem is, when outputting the image with the following code, I don’t see the date and time of the image:

camera_view: live
type: picture-glance
aspect_ratio: 0%
camera_image: camera.blink_g8t1gj0130160k0b_camera
  - entity: camera.blink_g8t1gj0130160k0b_camera
  action: call-service
  service: script.kamera_eg_bild_machen
title: Glastür EG

Now to my actual question, is it somehow possible to output the date and time (of the last change) of the jpg file in the output?