OVA file - main username and password?

I found an OVA file that allowed me to install HA on my VMWare system.

It works fine.

But, what are the username and password for this system?

The OVA file from this page:

has no reference to name and password.


What would be the difference between the OVA you “found” and the official one?
Obviously, nobody can tell what’s the user/password of the VM…

The OVA comes from the HA github page. Not sure how much more official it can be.

There still has to be a way to log in to the server, or no?

Do I need to be able to log into the server for what ever reason? Maybe I do not.

I am asking this because OVA is the simplest way for a less techie oriented person to get up and running. And, I happen to use VMWare for other reasons, so it was a good match.

The OVA, is a full Home Assistant operating system for people who want Home Assistant to run, but don’t want to mess about with operating system files. There is no login to this, without going down the route to enable SSH for developers. The whole point of this operating system, is that it is kept up to date by the Home Assistant developers and users never mess around with the internals.

For users who WANT more access to the underlying system, they need to install Debian 11 and then run the Supervised installer script to install Home Assistant supervised.

Thanks for this feedback. Makes sense!

I can live with out the messiness:)

That being said, part of the reason I asked was to find a way to log in and shut down the VM cleanly, with out shutting down the VM.

Can I shut down the HA VM from the GUI?

I found a config page that says we can stop or restart. But, there is only a restart button.

Yeah that only applies to the Home Assistant core, not the machine itself.
In ssh (or in the screen you can see that has a prompt that looks like this: ha> )
type ha host shutdown