Oven Entity Type

Hi team

Does anyone know if the list of entity types are likely to be expanded? I am looking for a base entity that encapsulates an oven, so that I can extend on this.

I would then like to extend the Google home integration to then support that new entity type so that oven devices show up as ovens.

How hard is it to define an entirely new entity and it’s Lovelace card for it? Is there any documents on getting started on this?


Your looking for device class:

You can establishes it with the sensor (not every time though) but you can definently change it in your customize.yaml

As for what matches an oven, that is up to you and what you want to check. A ‘door’ class would work if you want to see that status of the door. If you want to have a custom icon look at mdi https://cdn.materialdesignicons.com/5.3.45/

You need to be comfortable with developing software in python and with the tool chain used by the Home Assistant project (as well as its standards and practices). For more information, refer to the Developer Documentation.

To create a new “entity type” (that would be a new domain), you would first have to propose it in the GitHub Architecture repository and influence the development team to approve it.

A new oven domain would be, in some ways, similar to a climate domain (current temperature, target temperature, operating mode, etc). However, compared to the wide use of controllable thermostats, controllable ovens are comparatively rare. In others words, you may find it challenging to convince anyone that this is a common use-case and worth adding to Home Assistant.

Whatever you choose to do next, good luck!