Over The Air Tasmota

I’ve successfully flashed Tasmota onto a Kuled smart switch via the USB to serial adapter. For all subsequent devices (at least the next Kuled switch) I’d like to flash them over the air. Is there a video tutorial or documentation that you can recommend? I’m far better with screen shots and video’s than straight documentation. I’ve seen a number of video’s on doing this, however they are two years old and I figure there must be newer methods by now. There is a video that shows how to flash Tuya & Smartlife switches OTA however I don’t know if this applies to my type of switch.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.


If it is not a Tuya (or Smartlife) device, I doubt if it is possible. Even the Tuya devices with the latest firmware it is not possible anymore.

I think your looking for Tuya Convert

near the bottom there are a few links to various video walkthroughs.

If you have a raspberry pi 3 or 4 you can use Tuya Convert OS which is really easy to use.