Overall Alarm panel system - request

There may already be a solution for this in HA, but what I still miss in HA is a separate alarm screen where issues are listed (and remain until they are resolved and/or manually accepted). This is used, among other things, in control rooms in industry and is very useful.

For HA you could put things like:

  • battery xxxx almost empty
  • sensor xxxx unreachable
  • solar supply problem: mains voltage too high (253V)
  • server xxxx has run out of storage space
  • plant xxxx is thirsty
  • too much water/minute is used
  • xxxx HACS updates are available
  • pond water level is too low
  • the CO2 level in the house is too high
  • another nice HA update is available
  • Spooky has discovered something again!
  • someone rang the doorbell
  • something has been put in the mailbox
  • sensor xxxx is no longer accessible
  • boiler water pressure is too low
  • salt cellar water softener needs to be refilled
    -etc, etc

In an alarm screen system there are different types of alarms: alarms that remain until they are manually accepted, alarms that disappear again when the problem is solved and combinations thereof. This may or may not be with audio, but at HA this could be through notifications.

You can now use the logs, create your own screens and more: but I really think the above would be a much appreciated addition.

Just find an already created integration which add this alarmsystem already for starters, that could be expanded a bit more with an automated panel and auto-additions:


The above picture is just a general example, not HA related at all (yet) :grinning:

Hi, what you want is not an alarm panel but a notification panel.
This can be built yourself.