Overhead door control and status

First off, I’m extremely new to HA and still trying to grasp the concepts. I want to be able to see if my garage doors are open or closed and want to be able to open or close them from HA and even have them auto close if they are open at a certain time of day. I was able to accomplish the opening and closing part with a MHCOZY 4 Channel. Each “switch” on the MHCOZY device has a normally close, normally open, and common tap. I added two scripts to the device. Both scripts simply turn one of the NO contacts (switches) on and then off again using two sequences, one after the other which simulates a momentary connection between the COM and NO taps. Switch one controls garage one and switch two controls garage two. Is this even the best way? It does work but maybe there is a better way. How can I use the other two unused switches to monitor the status of my garage door via its magnetic contact sensor?