Overkilling it with lights. Same light with two switches for white and warm

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So I’ll I wanted was to have in Homekit a button for white light and a button for warm light.

As we never use colors, I decided to create two input booleans, one for white and one for warm light.

At first I thought this was a good idea, and it (mostly) working, but then I had to create a like a thousand automations just to keep the booleans in sync when the lights are turned on and off, or to make them mutually exclusive and so on… and that for each room in the house.

It kinda works, but I know I’m over complicating it and it’s really hard to maintain, any idea or suggestion is very much welcome.

Checkout the repo

Can’t you use expose two scenes to Homekit?

Scenes? :thinking: I don’t think so, cause then I would need to do something else to turn the light off as you cannot turn off scenes.

Maybe something with a dummy light instead?

But you can create a scene, where the light is off… just a hint.

I had something similar with my Mi-Light lamps, and have figured it out using automations looking like this:

set switch light on -> wait 1 second -> activate scene warm white

Activate scene lamp off -> set switch light off

Here it works fine to eliminate problems with Mi-Light not reporting its status back to HA.

I found a nice solution (IMHO), I create dummy lights, one for white and one for warm :smiley:

I’m still testing that, but they behave like normal lights :smiley: that will simplify my automations BIG TIME.

The MR is looking something like this https://github.com/JorgeAnzola/home-assistant-config/commit/0cb1af502ec262b1caaf56625025fb363af1268c