Overkiz Cloud - Tahoma IO based roller shutters for my garage, false value for "Obstruction detected"

Hello everyone,

I am currently in the process of switching from Homebridge to Home Assistant. I encountered problems with the Overkiz-Somfy integration. I have numerous RTS based roller shutters that work perfectly, but I have 2 IO based roller shutters for my garage and they cannot be controlled.
Obstruction-detected=true is displayed in the attributes of the garage door in the HA.
The log says: ‘rank’: 0, ‘failure_type’: ‘PRIORITY_LOCK__NO_SECURITY_DEVICE’}], failure_type_code=<FailureType.PRIORITY_LOCK__NO_SECURITY_DEVICE: 192>, failure_type=‘PRIORITY_LOCK__NO_SECURITY_DEVICE’
The garage doors can be controlled both via the Tahoma app and via the Homebridge integration in Homekit.
Apparently, the existing safety bar of the roller door is not recognized by the Overkiz integration.
Does anyone have an idea of ​​what I can do?

Thanks in advance for your help

Best is to create an issue on GitHub (core) with your diagnostics file for this device attached.

Does your device / remote have a manual control button? Or a lock control button e.g?

Hi Mick,
the two roller doors in my garage have a safety bar to prevent anyone from being trapped when the roller door is closing. The roller door is only blocked and a blockage is displayed in the Somfy/Tahoma control/App if the safety strip detects a pinch. Apparently, this status is not read out correctly by the Overkiz integration, or is always reported as blocked, even if there is no blockage.


I also have this issue, and I’ve logged it in Github Issue #90642

Is it possible to edit the generic_cover.py that is used by the integration to edit out the line that reports the condition? I’m not sure where the files are stored and whether they can be edited in place?