Overlay roomba image on picture-element

Hi everyone, I’ve been using HA for quite a while right now and I love it.
I have begun to play with the picture elements card and I now have my own house with a bunch of ligths etc.

I was wandering one thing though: I also have a roomba 980 which is connected to Home assistant and gets very frequent updates on its position by populating an attibute:
position (-155, -771, 72)

The Idea I have is to find a way to use these info to plot something onto the picutre-element image.

I am aware it might not be 100% accurate and that those position depend on where the roomba was started but I would like to try anyway to learn a bit.

So, my questions are:

  • is there a way to programmatically place an image over the picture-element and set its coordinates?
  • suppose I wanted to simply plot the 3rd part of that attribute (rotation) on another card like a gauge. Is templating + regex the only way to access an attribute of an entity? or is there another way?