Overlays on webcam?

I was wondering if there’s a way to overlay sensor values onto webcam images? For example, I’m using IPCamviewer to display kids room webcams. Can I overlay my mqtt sensors on top of these images somehow?

I’ve set up motioneye and with an automation I add a overlay to the camera.
Then in tinycampro I can see the temp overlayed.

Thanks. I am using Motion for one of the cameras. How did you add the automation to add the overlay to the camera? Is that part of Motion, or is it a home assistant thing?

shell command:

  cam_update: >-


alias: update camera 1 temp
  - platform: time
    minutes: '/2'
    seconds: 50
  service: shell_command.cam_update
      cam_text: >-
          Temp:{{ states("sensor.temperature_2") | round(0) }}c
      cam_id: 1

You need to allow access to the motion api port in the motion config file.

webcontrol_html_output on
webcontrol_port 7999
setup_mode off
webcontrol_parms 2
webcontrol_localhost off
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Lovelace UI allows overlay