Overnight apps completely drain the battery

Hey. I have a problem with the mobile app. When I go to sleep, I put my phone in airplane mode. From then on, the app tries to update the sensors and in 4 hours it completely drains the fully charged battery. I wake up in the morning and the phone is off. What to do?

are you using persistent connection? I also see the VPN icon, if thats left on the app may think there is a network connection when there is not which can lead to drain.

I feel the same problem here…

I changed yesterday morning some sensor settings to get the “live device tracking” but 55% in ~24h is really much energy which is used.
Yes Im using a VPN which is aktive when leaving my wifi@home.
For me this is to much for just sending the location!
Is there any way we can handle that?

start with these steps