Overnight, port 8123 becomes unresponsive

On Ubuntu 22.04 with qemu/kvm virtualization and HA running in a virtual environment, hitting HA from my workstation via port 8123 works fine all day. Next day, I see a refused to connect message on my browser. This happens every night/next day.

This morning, I did a tcpdump of traffic between the machines and I can see the packet traffic, so the networking is working and the arp cache is fine.

I tried an nmap from my machine, and got “8123/tcp closed”, but after I shutdown HA and restarted it to regain normal function, the same nmap says:
8123/tcp open http aiohttp 3.9.1 (Python 3.11)

This would seem to indicate that port 8123 is really closed as the source of the refusal to connect, but what could be doing this? An HA restart returns everything to normal.

What should I be checking?