Override light automation with a button/switch

Ive been looking to upgrade my smartthigns platform to something a bit more reliable (ie runs locally) and HA seems to be one of the better looking options. Before I start trialing it I was wondering if the following would be possible to setup?

Currently we have motion sensors in the hall ways that turn the lights on at different brightness’s depending on the time of day. ie nice and dim at 3am. When the wife wants to check on the kids at 3am the light from the hallway isnt bright enough to shine into the room. I would like to use a simple zwave button to disable the automation/motion sensors for 10 mins and set the brightness to 100% (and another press to re-enable set back to previous %).

Thanks in advance

Should be doable, take a look at this post from the other day, it should be a good starting point: Brighten front porch lights, then return to recorded dim level